Digital Services

When it comes to digital marketing, search cannot go unnoticed. Paid Search (Google Adwords, Bing) is an inexpensive, effective, performance driven and scalable way to reach out to customers when searching for goods and services. Search is a window of opportunity and it is our job to put the message in that window and deliver results.

Our clients understand the importance of paid search as a part of their overall marketing strategy and it is our job to drive results and maximize ROI. Paid Search has the potential of delivering strong ROI and high visibility. We see search, both organic (natural) and paid search, as an important part of our client´s marketing efforts but at the same time we´re not afraid to address the importance of online and offline integration.

PPC Management & SEO

We manage PPC campaigns, search and display (Programmatic buying) for local and international clients, locally and globally. We offer professional campaign service, full range SEO services at a very competitive price. Birtingahusid is a Google Partner and Google Adwords Certified.

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